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  • SSIS 2008/SSIS 2012
  • GDAL (Tested against 1.9.1/1.9.2) compiled with SWIG csharp bindings.


  • Download the appropriate windows installer package for your SSIS environment on the downloads page.

GDAL environmental variables

  • Make sure GDAL directory is in PATH
  • Make sure GDAL_DATA, GDAL_DRIVER_PATH, and PROJ_LIB environmental variables are set and pointing at the correct directories.

Making SSIS 2008 components available in BIDS

Follow these steps to add GDAL SSIS components to the toolbox in your integration services project.

  1. Open your integration services project.
  2. Right click anywhere on the toolbox.
  3. Select Choose Items.
  4. Browse to the SSIS Data Flow Items tab and select the GDAL SSIS custom components.

Considerations for 64bit environments

GDAL SSIS components are designed to run in 32bit mode.   If you are using GDAL SSIS on a 64bit machine you need to make some adjustments.

  • When designing an SSIS package using a integration services project, set the Run64BitRuntime property to false on the Debugging page of your integrations services project property pages.  To get to this page select Project->Properties->Debugging.  
  • If you want to use dtexec.exe to execute your GDAL SSIS packages you must use the 32bit executable. The 32bit version of dtexec.exe is only installed on 64bit machines if you select either Client Tools or Business Intelligence Development Studio during setup.  For more info click here.

Performance considerations

GDAL SSIS data flow buffers can become large when shape data is complex.   To prevent data flow buffers from paging to disk and degrading performance it may be necessary to tune your Data Flow Task. Reducing the DefaultBufferMaxRows value, increasing the DefaultBufferSize value, and specifying a path to fast disk for the BufferTempStoragePath and BLOBTempStoragePath properties can all help.  For more information regarding data flow performance tuning click here.



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